At first we were relatively sceptic about buying house in Spain, but ABAD SOLICITORS made us feel very reassured, informing us every step of the way making the whole process very enjoyable and exciting. 
M. F. and A. HUGES
 I would seriously recommend anyone thinking to buy in Spain to use ABAD LAW FIRM because their service is next to none. I would use them again! 
JASON kickle
 Incredibly happy we decided to use ABAD solicitors as they were friendly and tended to our needs quickly and efficiently. Complete professionals, and would highly recommend them. 
 ABAD SOLICIOTR were a tremendous help to us and still are especially as we don’t speak Spanish and did not know the Spanish system. They made everything seem so easy when we were buying are dream home aboard. We have continued to use their services becaus 
 We were buying a beautiful new build under construction, but the promoters kept asking for more and more money, so we got in contact with ABAD to see if they could help improve the situation. It was the best decision we made, they sorted everything within 

Conveyancing in Spain

Abad & Asociados Abogados y Economistas, S.L. are professional and skilled solicitors and accountants who have vast experience dealing with all aspects and sides of the property market and real estate, buying, selling, rentals, business properties, land and multi –purchases possibly for investment. 
Abad Law Firm offers and wide range of service to complete the various stages of the process from start to finish allowing a smooth and hassle free transaction for the client. The main priority is that the client has a team of solicitors and accountants they can rely on with legal representation and assistance. 
Here at ABAD´s we not only have an extensive professional legal team but an excellent financial team that will guarantee that the costs and taxes will be dealt with ensuring most beneficial outcome for the client avoiding surprises at a later date.
ABAD will ensure a safe procedure whether it is the full conveyance package, from acquiring a NIE number to the signing at the notary, including Power of Attorney if requested, or just the reassurance that all legal aspects are taken care of.
Buying and Purchasing property in Spain 
If you are thinking about or intent to buy a home in Spain, whether it is for you your own enjoyment you are planning to invest in property in Spain, we are keen to be part of  achieving your goals. 
Here are some examples of projects we have experience and expertise in.
Buying a home in Spain including flats, fincas, apartments, land
Buying a holiday home in Spain including flats, fincas, apartments, land
Buying a house still under construction and on blueprints (Land)
The process of buying a property in Spain begins with reviewing the property status in question, confirming the ownership and that the description given by the selling is in fact the correct one, matching all details of the one viewed. 
Once confirmed the parties can then move on to the terms and condition and the buying / selling pre-agreement. In the case of a second hand property, the property will have a credit check making sure that it is debt free upon completion.  The seller may have a mortgage in which case this will also need to be looked at to avoid any misunderstanding. The following stage is the preparation for closing. Final checks will be made on the deed to make sure it is registered correctly will the local town hall municipality. Once all aspects are compliance with present laws and regulations a Notary will be assigned to oversee the completion of the transaction, bearing witness and reviewing all the documentation. 
A similar process is done for new property and for properties under construction due to be completed. The differences are some the legally registers documents, like the land certificate and build permissions. The same documentation will also need to be applied for when purchases land.  However the process the client will need to undertake will be the same. ABAD Solicitors will maintain the client up to date with the progress of the building, when a house purchased is already under construction or is due to commence. With the buying of an unfinished property in Spain it is very important and advisable that the client has a continuedrepresentation in Spain to ensure that the contractual agreement it to be completed by all parties down to the details however long that may take. This is particularly true for new builds to make sure the client is protected at all times as well as informed, without actually having to be present. 
ABAD lawyers and accountants offer not only the legal side of the process but also the financial aspect as well. This means that the services we are able to provide expand to outside the court houses and allows us to cover any and all potential needs, such as mortgage negotiations.  
Buying for business and investment
ABAD solicitors and accountants also deal with the purchase of one or numerous properties in the case of Holiday homes for renting as well as business transfers. 
Here are some examples of what our services cover.
Numerous property purchase 
Holiday (tourist) flats and apartments
Hotel complexes 
All types of business transfers, whatever the size.
The process is once again similar to that of an average property purchase, however, apart from the initial NIE number, the client will also have to have NIF number to be completely tax registered. The NIE number gives you a tax code and identification with Spanish government authorities, and the NIF is the registered tax number which is to ensure your taxes corresponding to your activity, giving you financial presence in Spain. This can be a difficult process registering for the correct tax number and is essential as well as a legal obligation.  There are different costs and expenses involved in more business orientated transaction than those of a private purchase, particular when it comes to registering and tax. This is why it is advisable to consult professional to avoid any fines that may come due to misinformation.  
Selling a property or business in Spain
The selling process in Spain is also an area ABAD attorneys are very qualified and effective in processing.  The stages are the same as buying, only it is our job to ensure that the seller /vendor is not going to assume all the charges and costs and that the transaction takes place as much on their terms as the buyers. In cases of selling to buy other property or other reasons it is important that the deal be beneficial for all parties. It will of course be responsibility of the current owner to be in check with all the relevant documentation regarding their home or business, such as energy efficiency certificates and making sure the deeds are correct. These aspects are included in the service we offer, so the client has peace of mind knowing that ABAD lawyers and accountants have is taken care of everything upon completion. 


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