Russia and Spain double taxation treaty

The double taxation agreement between Russia and Spain is similar to that of most of the treaties that Spain has with many other country. 

The main aim of the agreement is to avoid double taxation in two countries as well as the prevention of tax evasion between countries. The treaty reflects particularly on income and capital taxes in both countries. 
The treaty agreement applies to all who are resident in either one or both countries and/or have a permanent establishment in one of the countries. A permanent establishment refers to some form of fixed construction that is use for any or all business activity, whether an office of management, or a warehouse. In terms of residency, it will be were you most reside, at least in Spain residency means that you have a physical presence in Spain and not only a fiscal one.  
The taxes including in the treaty are as followed, and are to be carried out by the local authorities. 
In Spain the taxes covered are:
income tax on individuals
corporation tax
capital tax
local taxes
In Russia the taxes covered are:
tax on profits or income of enterprises and organisations
income tax on individuals
tax on property of companies 
tax on property of individuals
 These are, or tend to be the biggest and most important taxes to have to deal with in between countries. 
These are general guidelines for taxation between countries and you should always consult the corresponding tax offices and a professional solicitor and accountant to avoid any misunderstandings or mistakes. 
ABAD LEGAL and FINANCIAL firm would be more than happy to inform and assist you with inter-country taxation.

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