Amend on the Criminal Procedures Act

On 6th October 2015 the BOE (The Official State Bulletin) published two laws amending the Criminal Procedures Act, 13/2015 of the 5th of October, which strengthens procedural guarantees and regulation of technological research methods; and 41/2015, also of the 5th of October, for the improvement of criminal justice and strengthening of the process. We highlight the main changes brought about by both of these amendments as follows: Organic Law 13/2015: · 2.1 Procedural rights of the investigation, the detainee and remand prisoners · 2.2 Detention and opening of written and telegraphic correspondence · 2.3 technology research measures · 2.4 Ordinary arrest and opening of written and telegraphic correspondence and technological research measures provisions (new Chapter IV of Title VIII, Articles 588 bis a. a 588 bis k) · 2.5 New terminology "investigation" and "defendant" · 2.6 Amendments to the Organic Law of Judicial Power Law 41/2015: · 3.1 Streamlining actions of criminal justice · 3.2 Adoption of an autonomous confiscation procedure 3.3 General installation of the appeal · 3.4 Extension of the appeal · 3.5 Reform of the special review · 3.6 Additional Provisions


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